The Book Nook

Welcome to the Weight Loss Confessions Book Nook. I created this for you because I absolutely love books and am excited to share a few of my favorites with you.

Have you ever heard the quote “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read” by Charlie Tremendous Jones?

Since you can’t always control the people you meet, it makes the books you read very important. When trying to grow in a new direction or become a new improved version of yourself, books are helpful.

Every book in the book nook has helped me throughout my weight loss and wellness journey in its own way. I couldn’t even pick a favorite amongst them because they are all my favorites.

Types of Books

You may notice there are several different types of diet books in the book nook and there are a few reasons why. In my opinion, a successful diet is one where you learn new things that will help you throughout your weight loss journey and develop healthy habits you will keep. With that in mind, I benefited from many diets throughout my weight loss and wellness journey and ultimately found the best diet for me which I like to call the “Me Diet.”

You will also find several books on mindset and personal growth because it is such an important part of any successful weight loss journey. Every weight loss journey I have ever heard or read about has had several setbacks. However, mindset allows us to get back up and keep moving forward.

And then, if you have been following the blog, my Insta or my Facebook feed, you may be surprised to find so many cookbooks in the book nook. Well, let’s just say, I don’t cook often but when I do, it is with one of these cookbooks.

I hope you enjoy “The Nook”!