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Welcome!  Thank you for visiting Weight Loss Confessions! Weight Loss Confessions is a blog that candidly shares a 17-year weight loss journey that ultimately turned into a wellness journey with its readers and followers. And they may have had a little fun along the way especially when sharing a few comical weight loss confessions.

Weight Loss Confessions readers and followers have blossomed into an amazing and supportive community. Together, we have created detox and Whole30 groups to support one another and cheer each other on. Join us if you like, we’d love to have you in our tribe.

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A little about me, I’m Tanya, a 40 something Mom, Wife, and weight loss and wellness blogger. I love to write and connect with other members of the WLC tribe that are working towards the healthiest versions of themselves. I love to travel, boat, exercise, play Bunco, read, enjoy a good Bible Study and I’ve taken in more than my fair share of sauna sessions.

I do not love to cook, in fact, I don’t feel qualified. And, if my family was asked, they would concur. Having said that, I do love good food and consider myself to be a #healthiefoodie. I hope that my simple approach to food and eating can inspire anyone who feels the same way. Following a cook can be overwhelming but if I can prepare healthy delicious food, you can too!

I hope you will soon think of me as your very real and fun, funny smart, well researched, supportive friend.  I look forward to being your cheerleader and hope you will be mine!



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