Is It Too Early To Talk About My Whole30 Results?

I awoke on Day 28 of my Whole 30 with just two days to go until I could officially tally my Whole30 results!  I quickly got dressed to drop Drew off at school and go for a walk.  Already this AM, I had a big NSV…..I’m a little behind in my laundry and there were slim pickings in my closet.  I grabbed a shirt that I bought a few months ago and forgot that it was skin tight on me and showed my belly rolls.  When I got downstairs, I realized the shirt wasn’t tight anymore and now fits loose!  What a great feeling!  I couldn’t help but take a selfie. Unfortunately, the Whole30 has done a lot of great things for me but it hasn’t made my arms longer, so I cut my head off the picture :)…

Whole30 Results
Whole30 Results



I had a few other errands to run and wasn’t going to have time to eat a real breakfast so I stopped at the store and bought an RX Bar and a LaCroix to hold me over.

Whole30 Snacks Whole30 Snacks


Whole30 Measurements

I had the most unusual chiropractor visit today.  I made an appointment not because I needed any of his services but because I remembered his assistant measured me last month and I wanted to get my hands on those before measurements.  When the assistant gave them to me, I was so excited I almost skipped out of the office!  I couldn’t wait to measure myself! As a sidebar- be sure you measure yourself before you start the Whole30, you’ll want those measurements for comparison!

Diet- Inches Lost Diet- Inches Lost

When I got home, I was famished.  I was meeting a group of girls for lunch so I only had time for a quick snack.  I downed one of my Whole30 favorites Performance Nut Butter and got ready for lunch.   I know there is no such thing as a Whole30 treat, but this is a treat for me!

Performance Nut Butter Whole30 Snack: Performance Nut Butter

For lunch, I had a hamburger with mushroom, onion, and lettuce, broccoli, and fruit.  Because I need my healthy fats for satiety, I ate a handful of cashews when I got home.


Whole30 Compliant Lunch
Whole30 Compliant Lunch


Inches Lost by Day 28!

As soon, as I got home, I ran upstairs to take my measurements.  I know I should have waited until day 30, but I couldn’t.  Ask me how many inches I have lost in 28 days? It’s pretty crazy!  12! Twelve inches lost in my neck, chest, stomach, hips, thighs, arms, forearms, and wrists!  That’s a ruler!

Whole30 Results - Lost 12 Inches
Whole30 Results- Lost 12 Inches



For dinner, we had leftover pot roast from The Whole30 Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom.  It was even more delicious as a leftover than it was the first time around!

[Whole30 Pot Roast

Whole30 Pot Roast

Since my kids were both happily playing or hanging (as my teenager would say) at other people’s houses, I poured a hot bath, grabbed a good book, and a LaCroix and called it a night.  Whole30 Day 28 was a success.

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