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Tips To Stay Motivated During The Whole30

While Melissa Urban, the author and creator of the Whole30 program, said the Whole30 is “not hard,” many aspiring Whole 30ers find it all but impossible and are searching for tips to stay motivated during the Whole30.  I have successfully completed several rounds of the Whole30, was an active member of a few Whole30 groups, and lead a group through a few rounds and these are my best tips to stay motivated during the Whole30.

Tips To Stay Motivated During The Whole30

The Whole30 Books Can Be Your Best Motivational Tool

While leading a 150+ member Whole30 group, one thing was abundantly clear.  The majority of Whole30er’s who finished strong had read a Whole30 book or two, and sometimes more.

“It Starts With Food” is a great book to start with!  Honestly, if you’re only going to get one book – I highly recommend this one. It will make completing your Whole30 easier because you’ll understand WHY the rules are the rules and even more importantly why you are making all of the diet and lifestyle changes outlined in the Whole30.  Knowing why you’re cutting out grains and why sugar affects our hormones gives purpose to your Whole30.

I’m not promising that the first few days won’t still be difficult, but I know that after reading this book you know that it’s your food-addicted brain that’s making you feel that way and that it is chemically probable that you will be on the road to feeling great by the end of your 30 days!

“The Whole30 Day By Day” is also an invaluable tool and probably my favorite.  I don’t know about you, but for me, the idea of taking on the Whole30 all at once was just a little overwhelming“The Whole30 Day By Day” is a daily handbook and journal that keeps you motivated, inspired, and accountable.  I felt like I was getting a daily pep talk from Melissa Hartwig (Melissa Urban) myself! The Whole30 tips and hacks are very helpful and I loved Melissa’s daily motivation section!

Whole30 Books
Whole30 Books

Tap Into A Few Whole30 Success Stories –  Podcasts, YouTube Videos Or Possibly Pinterest

I found some great motivating Youtube videos and podcasts while doing the Whole30.  I tried to take in one a day for the first few weeks and it really helped me to stay on track.  There are a lot of them out there, and you may need to listen to more than one to find the one that motivates you, but it will be worth it!  This Pinterest board shares some great success stories.  And if you like to mix your Whole30 motivation with a little humor, you may also want to give Weight Loss Confessions’ Pinterest board a click.

Whole30 Coaches

Whole30 certified coaches are available for hire to help keep you motivated and streamline the Whole30. If you feel you would benefit from the additional resources, accountability, support, and your own personal Whole30 buddy, the coaching program might be for you.

Remember Your Why

There must have been a pretty compelling reason why you decided to do the Whole30 in the first place – right?  After all, most people don’t sign up for 30 days of NO alcohol, sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, carrageenan, and/ or junk food because it sounds like a good time. They may be hoping to have more energy, less brain fog, a clearer complexion, fewer headaches, and better sleep, or to ditch the sugar dragon, balance their hormones or look better in those skinny jeans?. Whatever your why is.  Think about it often and remind yourself of it when you get discouraged or feel a craving coming on.

Weight Loss Motivation
Remember Why You Started -Whole30 Motivation

Join a Whole30 Group or a Few

There are a lot of great Whole30 Facebook groups and they are fantastic for sharing ideas and recipes. You may even turn to one for support or to vent occasionally. Be cautious though, some of them are known for getting a little salty (which can be the opposite of motivating). You are welcome to join the Weight- Loss-Confessions Whole30 group. We are not as active as some of the other Whole30 Facebook groups but it is a salt-free environment :).

Enjoy Every Minute of Your Self-Care

I recently successfully completed a Whole100 and self-care was a huge motivator for me.  40 Aprons published a great article titled “20 Self Care Ideas For A Healthy Happy You.”  It lists great self-care ideas. Epsom salt baths, podcasts, meditation and journaling (in my “Whole30 Day By Day”) were some of my self-care activities. What will yours be?

Self-care-Epsom Salt Bath
Epsom Salt Bath

Celebrate Those NSV’s

Since I have been diligently dieting, trying to lose weight for 16 years, and weighing myself daily, I surprised myself when I lost interest in the “almighty scale” during my first Whole30“The Whole30 Day By Day” introduced me to something that was much more fun to count than pounds – NSV’s (non-scale victories).  The Whole30 has a nearly two-page handout listing some of the possible NSV’s. In “My Whole30 Results Are Incredible” I shared over 20 of my NSV’s from my first round!  They were so amazing I actually decided to go straight into a second round!  Be sure to celebrate and track your NSV’s throughout the 30 days!

Tiger Blood

Have you ever gone on a vacation or trip and seen something absolutely spectacular and been unable to do it justice when describing it to a friend who hasn’t been?  This is exactly how I and most Whole30ers feel about Tiger Blood.  It is almost indescribable and it is a different feeling or experience for everyone.

I knew I had reached Tiger Blood when…

Even though I absolutely hate to grocery shop (it actually gives me anxiety) and typically need more sleep than a baby so I retreat to my bedroom by eight or nine o’clock every night,  I found myself in the grocery store shopping at 11:00 PM!  Not only was I not stressed, anxious, or tired, but I was dancing through the aisles of the store because I couldn’t help myself….And just for a moment, I thought I may have been channeling James Brown singing I feel Good!

From that moment forward, I had boundless energy, positive thoughts, and an overall feeling of #lifeisgreat.  I was able to tackle tasks I had been putting off, my workouts improved, and life was just good!

If you can imagine for a moment what Tiger Blood might be like for you, I know the pursuit of Tiger Blood will motivate you during your Whole30!

Whole30 Tiger Blood
Whole30 Tiger Blood


Wishing you an amazing Whole30 experience filled with Tiger Blood, NSV’s, and a splash of weight loss!