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How To Find The Best Workout Plan (For You)

In a world full of what seems to be endless exercise options,  most of us could use some help finding the best workout plan for us.

After all when you hear the words exercise or work out, what comes to your mind?  CrossFit, PiYo, Pilates, Barre, Burn Boot Camp, TRX, yoga, and kickboxing are a few of this year’s trendiest forms of exercise.  And depending on your friend circle, you may even know someone who has taken a stilettos pole work out.  We all have that one friend – right?

So, without any further ado, let’s determine the best workout plan for you.   Here are a few points to ponder in the pursuit of your ideal workout.

Group Exercise Class
Group Exercise Class

What are your fitness goals?

Are you planning on dropping 4 pant sizes in the next six months?  Hoping to walk a mile without getting tired or would you prefer to run a 5K?  Whatever your fitness goals are, you need to be sure your workout plan supports it and will get you there!

Where does the workout rate on your fun radar?

In Five Reasons You Can’t Stick To An Exercise Program,  Page Wahner lists #3 as you don’t like your workout and we all know there are a ton of reasons not to like a workout.  My #1 reason is it’s just not fun.  Finding a work out we enjoy is key to sticking to it.

Does the workout fit in your schedule?

So, this one time, I decided I wanted to hang with the “cool and incredibly toned girls” and signed up for a 5 AM boot camp class.  The problem was I could NOT get myself out of bed at 4:30 AM to get there to save my chubby soul.

A few years before that, I signed up for a 5:30 PM Body Pump class, when I hadn’t left work a minute before 6 for several years.  What was I thinking?

I’ve found finding the best time of day that fits into my daily schedule so that it can become routine has been the key to sticking to any exercise routine.

Does the workout fit well in your time constraints?

It’s easy to let your enthusiasm for fitness, turn you into an overly zealous scheduler.  I’ll confess, I’ve let it happen more than once or twice myself.  Make sure to be realistic and only commit to the amount of time you can carve out of your schedule for your fitness regime.

How does the workout match your fitness level?

It’s so easy to pick a type of exercise because you want the results you see others getting.  Be careful,  while it is important to pick a form of exercise that will challenge you, you don’t want to start with something too hard.  Hurting yourself or causing extreme muscle strain will set you back.

Do you prefer to mix things up or stick to the same routine?

Are you the type of person who likes to take a different class or try a new form of exercise every day or do you like to perfect your craft? Be sure to pick a routine that matches your preferences.

Would you like your exercise routine to come with a side of socialization?

Do you prefer to burn calories, sweat, and tone up solo or with friends?  There are so many great online at home programs available today, it seems as though the options are endless.  Having said that,  If exercising with friends is what motivates you, you may find it difficult to stick to an at-home program.

Work Out Buddies
Workout Buddies

How do you feel post-workout?

That after workout glow and high can be motivation enough to exercise – or not. Have you ever wrapped up a workout and felt so terrible or exhausted you were ready to cry?  Worse yet, have you felt true pain.  This might be a sign it’s not the right workout for you at this time.  On the other end of the spectrum, you should feel like you exerted yourself and your muscles should be feeling something.  Dare I say fatigued?

Wishing you all the best in choosing your best work out plan ever!