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Tips For Doing Your Best Detox Ever!


I just successfully wrapped up my favorite, easy detox for the second time and am amazed at how much more I learned the second time around, so I have some great tips to share so you can complete your best detox ever.

Tips For Doing Your Best Detox Ever

If anything ails you, drink more water

Remember the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and how Windex was the answer to everything?  Water is the answer to most detoxing symptoms. Headaches, fatigue, constipation, and brain fog can all be helped with a little extra water intake. So, when you think you’ve drunk enough water, drink a little more for better detoxing. If you are like me and get sick of the taste of water and need some flavor, check out my favorite detox tea recipes in I Detoxed and Lost 5 Pounds in 7 Days.

Green Tea Detox Recipe
Green Tea Detox Recipe

A few sprinkles can add a lot of delishness to your detox

I have a confession to make, and it’s kind of a big one in the diet world.   I don’t like protein shakes or protein smoothies.  To be honest, I’m not sure why.   I just don’t care for them.

Since the detox doesn’t allow sugar, there is no sugar in the protein shakes, non-dairy milk or anything added to the smoothies.  Since I already don’t care for protein shakes or smoothies, this made my first few days of the detox difficult to swallow – (please excuse the cheesy pun).  When I realized I could add sprinkles  to my detox smoothies, it was a game-changer.

The sprinkles add a nice flavor, a bit of sweetness, and take away the after taste which makes me a happy detoxer!

Epsom salt can be a detoxers best treat

I wrote about the benefits of Epsom salt baths in I Detoxed & Lost 5 Pounds in 7 Days.  Even Dr. Axe is a proponent of them and says they can help to detoxify us and cleanse our livers in his blog.  As an added bonus, Epsom salt baths can relieve constipation which can often be an issue when detoxing.

Epsom salt baths are also calming and relaxing.  They were so helpful the first few days of the detox when I was a little bit on the cranky side. I swear the Epsom salt baths had magical powers and could turn my mood around in 20-30 minutes!


Detox-Epson Salt Bath
Epsom Salt Bath

Too much of a good detox can be too much

Well,  I have another confession….  I tend to do everything I do to the extreme.  It’s just how I operate and this detox was no exception.  I may have decided to stay in the Epsom salt bath for an additional 30 minutes, start using Castro oil (for detox), and crank the sauna higher than I usually do, all in one day.

Guess where I spent the first part of the next day?  The bathroom.  Don’t be a Tanya -take things slow.  Be kind to yourself.

A little bit of vanilla can help the detox smoothie go down

Mid detox I remembered vanilla could be added to the smoothies.  Wow! It made the flavor ten times better.  I think I may have even started enjoying them!

A little bone broth makes the detox smoothies even better

Adding about 1/4 cup of bone broth to the detox smoothie improves the flavor and texture!  Yum!  Plus it gives you all the great benefits bone broth is known for like supporting weight loss, reducing inflammation, and healing your gut.

Seasonings can really spice up your detox

Since the detox does not allow gluten or sugar, finding good clean seasonings and spices to use can be a bit of a challenge.  Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel is one of my all-time favorites.  I love it on well, everything, and especially: potatoes, guacamole, avocado, steamed veggies, and salads (takes the place of croutons).

Trader Joe’s Chili Lime spice is another one of my favorites. It is fantastic on shrimp and seafood.


Favorite Seasonings

Having delicious condiments on hand can make everything yummier

If you are craving Chinese while detoxing, coconut aminos can come to your rescue.  They are absolutely delish on cauliflower rice.

Primal Kitchen makes several great dressings that can be used for salads are marinades.  They are flavorful and detox friendly. The new honey mustard dressing is one of my favorites.

Getting creative with cauliflower can be fun, healthy, and dare I say tasty

With a little imagination, cauliflower can take the place of potato chips.   They can be smothered with everything from honey mustard dressing to Everything But The Bagel and baked at 375 for 20 minutes.  Yum.  Bonus:  cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables contain Indole-3-carbinol, a phytonutrient that has been known to help the liver in its detox functions.

Watch out for sugar in your non-dairy milk

So this one time, I was in a hurry at the grocery store and came home with some delicious cashew milk with 15 grams of sugar in a serving!  Be sure to check your non-dairy milk labels, you don’t want any unwanted sugar sneaking in your smoothies.

Since you are only eating one meal a day, make sure to make it delicious

With all of your detox efforts in mind, you deserve to make your detox meal delicious!  Be sure to have plenty of protein, 1/2 plate of veggies, and a healthy fat.  My favorite easy meal is shrimp with Trader Joe’s Chili Lime,  a baked potato with Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, cauliflower rice with coconut aminos, salted cucumbers, and guacamole.

I guess I could complain about that detox meal, but who would listen?

Happy detoxing!


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