My Whole30 (Day 9)

I awake Day 9 of my Whole30 journey feeling fine.  I don’t think I’ve made it to that wonderful state of Tigers Blood I keep reading about, but I’m doing well.

Whole30 tigerblood1 (1)

Before I crack open the Whole30 Day by Day and read Melissa’s inspirations, I decide its time to give myself a tune-up.  Overall, I’m happy with my Whole30 experience so far. I’ve only eaten Whole30 compliant foods for the past nine days, done a good job of sticking to my exercise routine and I really enjoy the food. My sweet cravings are gone and I have found myself wanting to eat healthy food – especially nut butter :).

My goal for the first week was just to get through the Whole30 and I’ve done that so now its time to step it up a notch or at least try to step it up a notch.  I need to work on my meals and making them more nutritionally well rounded.  I came across a handout last night that gives good proportion information: Each meal should include 1-2 palm-sized protein sources and the rest of the plate should be filled with vegetables. Each meal should include a healthy fat and the proportions are on the below chart. Occasionally add a serving of fruit.

img_1528 found myself taking a deep breath.  This is going to be interesting.  After months of being on the low carb high protein diet,  I’m just not used to eating these many vegetables.

I prepared my first post-tune-up Whole30 breakfast. I really wanted to have red pepper on my plate but it looked a little soft and wrinkly.  I guess that’s what happens when you buy a bunch of vegetables and don’t eat them :).


So the funny thing about my breakfast is, I literally got sick of eating three-quarters of a way through my meal and was ready to call it quits.  Has that ever happened to you?

The Minister’s sermon went about 15 minutes too long for my appetite and I had to have a snack on the way to the restaurant we frequent after Church.  I grabbed a DNX Grass Fed Bison bar and it was delicious!


We finally ate lunch at about 2:00. My burger with avocado, bacon, and grilled pineapple was delicious.  I’ll admit, I missed having cheese on my salad.


I went to see Tuesday’s With Morrie and left the theater starving.  It seems like the Whole30 is igniting my metabolism or something because I find myself very hungry or hangry a few times a day!  I couldn’t wait for dinner so I ate two handfuls of black olives, while I waited.   Tony made Shrimp Sitr-Fry over Cauliflower Grits from the Whole30 Fast and Easy and they were fantastic!


After dinner, I found myself walking around the kitchen looking for something else to eat and decided to make a baked apple with almond butter.  Luckily for me, we were out of apples, so I decided I had enough for the evening.

Around 8:30, I checked the magical box for day 9 and logged off.

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Whole30 Snacks

When my Daughter, and Whole30 partner, was a toddler, her friends carried baby blankets, pacifiers, and bottles into their playdates.  Taylor came armed with her healthy snack bag.  Her snack bag was almost as big as her and typically had 5-10 different healthy snacks in it at any given time.   At the age of two and a half, she didn’t trust anyone to carry her beloved snack bag beside for herself.

Healthy Snack Bag- Whole30 Snacks
Healthy Snack Bag- Whole30 Snacks

In this case, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I am just as serious about my snacks.  Funny thing is I only snack once or twice a week, but I need to know that there are quick, easy, healthy Whole30 approved snack options available.

Whole30 Snacks

Finding healthy Whole30 approved snack ideas was my top priority of the day, so I sat down and started googling.  I was lucky enough to happenstance on an article that had 30 great ideas.

I also read the easy snack ideas Melissa Hartwig wrote about in the  Whole30 Day byDay

-a handful of almonds, baby carrots with guacamole, a meat stick or an apple – easy enough- right?

The blog was great and I loved Melissa Hartwig’s easy Whole30 compliant snack options, but I also needed some packaged items I could just throw in my purse and have at my disposal, so back to google I went.

Shopping on Amazon for Whole30 Snacks is SO Convenient……

I crafted my Amazon shopping list, crossed my fingers, and thanked God for Amazon Prime.

  1. Wonderful Pistachios
  2. Epic Chicken Sriracha Bars
  3. Bare Baked Crunchy Snacks
  4. Blueberry RX Bar
  5. Mission Meats Keto Sugar-Free Grass-Fed Beef Snacks
  6. DNX Bar- Sampler Pack Mixed Flavors
  7. Mixed Berry RX Bar
  8. Performance Nut Butter
  9. Justin’s Nut Butter Natural Classic Almond Butter
  10. Chomps Free Range Jerky Snacks 
  11. Trader Joe’s Dried Fruit – Strawberries
  12. Dried Pineapple
  13. Trader Joe’s Sweet Apple Rings
  14. Pearl’s Olives To Go
  15. Artisana Organics Raw Cashew Nut Butter
  16. Larabar Lemon Bar
  17. LonoLife Beef Bone Broth

Shopping At Walmart for Whole30 Snacks:

Next, I set out on a field trip to Walmart, determined to find some items. This was huge for me since the only thing I hate more than grocery shopping is shopping at Walmart, but I was determined.  I am glad I went because I hit the Whole30 approved snack jackpot!

Can’t resist those Whole 30 approved snack bars!

And My Favorite Nut Butter of All:

I left Walmart famished and grabbed my mail on the way into my house.  I found a package from Performance Nut Butter in it.  Performance Nut Butter is a Whole30 approved snack vendor and they offered to send me some of their product to sample.  I tasted the nut butter and it is absolutely delicious.  The combination of macadamia, coconut, and cashews had a smooth, unique flavor.  Score!   That’s another great snack for the snack bag!

Performance Nut Butter – Whole30 Snack

Having my healthy Whole30 compliant snacks ready to go, makes me feel so much better about tomorrow.  I can’t wait to share them with Taylor.  I hope she’ll be proud of Mom’s snack bag :).

What healthy snacks do you have planned for the week?

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