Whole 30 (Day Two)

I awake about thirty minutes later than I have been and quickly notice I feel different. I am well-rested, but I do not quickly fire up in my typical Superfreak type-A fashion.  Instead, I lay in bed and meditate.  Could I be feeling different because of the Whole30?

When I get out of bed I start to head towards the Almighty Scale when I remember Melissa Hartwig’s final rule from the Whole30 Day by Day –  “Do not step on the scale or take body measurements for 30 days.” Wow, this is going to be awkward. I have weighed myself every day for years and really enjoy that positive affirmation of my good work.

As I head toward the bathroom counter I realize I have the same headache I did last night.  I wonder if it’s from the Whole30 or the weather.   Then I am faced with the big question.  Is Advil Whole30 compliant?  I google around for a few minutes and it seems to have mixed reviews so I decided to start with a magnesium supplement I know is Whole30 compliant. Magnesium has helped me with headaches and migraines in the past and I am hoping it will work its magic again.

Around 7:11 I make my bone broth and pop the liquid vitamin D I have taken for years into my mouth and realize it isn’t Whole30 compliant.  It tastes too sweet.  I don’t even need to google this one.   I sit down at my desk and order the Vitamin D I know is Whole30 compliant.  Did you know that vitamin D can help improve blood sugar? I just read this today in one of Dr. Wiggy’s posts.

Bone Broth

Around 8:45 I’m starving when my Husband asks if I would like him to make some bacon.  Two answers come to mind.  1 – Yes, please and 2 – Doesn’t that take like 14 minutes?  I don’t think I can wait. I decide to eat a little pre-breakfast Performance Nut Butter snack.

Whole30 Snack: Performance Nut Butter

And then thoroughly enjoyed the bacon and avocado a few minutes later

Breakfast For Whole 30

I felt full and satisfied but still had a dull headache.  I turned to the Whole 30 Day By Day for motivation and read Melissa Hartwig’s notes:

This part of the Whole30 isn’t super fun.  You’re tired, hungry, missing the stuff you used to eat, and thinking, “This is not what I signed up for,” Except it is. Even the hard parts.  The sugar withdrawals, cravings, and challenges that come with learning how to relate to food in an entirely new way are evidence that something is changing. You are changing. And every time you yawn but keep going, crave and distract feel hungry and feed yourself well, YOU WIN. And every tiny win adds up to huge changes.

I’m ready for some huge changes!  How about you?

Around 9:30 my Daughter and Whole30 partner woke up and asked me to make her the same breakfast I did yesterday.  Wow, that is a compliment in the truest form coming from a teenager.  She even said it was delicious! So, back to the kitchen, I went.  Check out the recipe at https://www.pinterest.com/weightlossconfessions/pins/.

Whole30 Easy Breakfast

I know I should have been thinking about the Minister’s message and the Bible verses he was quoting but it was 12:30 and my mind was on lunch.  I woke up looking forward to another helping of the Chicken Pot Pie Soup I blogged about in My Whole30Day One Experience!  I felt like I should eat the shrimp that was in the fridge though because I couldn’t waste perfectly good shrimp.  Memories of my childhood start to surface and I remember holidays at my Grandma’s.  Most of my family didn’t have a ton of money back then and shrimp was a big treat.  When my Grandma would put the shrimp down on the island in her kitchen ten to twenty-five family members would flock to the kitchen to gobble them up. We would talk about the shrimp, how good it was, and always tease the person who ate the last shrimp.  The emotions we have tied to food never cease to amaze me and I can’t help but think about the popcorn I told you about in The Pursuit of Ketosis – Day 3. I leave Church not knowing what I’ll eat for lunch – the shrimp I’m all but betrothed to or the soup I have been craving.

I walked into the house and Tony asked me to put the soup on because he was hungry for it.  I was genuinely relieved to have the decision taken off my hands.  While I was waiting for the soup to warm, I cracked open Whole30 Fast & Easy because I needed to find a recipe to use those shrimp tonight.

Whole 30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Around 2:30  I opened up a Lemon Larabar, not sure if I am hungry or just want a snack.

Whole30 Snack – Larabar

And then I saw my chance and snuck away for new Whole30 daily ritual – a mid-day nap.

When I woke up, I jetted out to run a few errands.  This time I left the house prepared with an Epic Sea Salt Venison Bar.   Halfway through my shopping list, the hunger hit. I quickly wrapped up and went out to the car to devour my bar.  I liked the bar and I felt full after eating it.  The Epic bar gave me enough fuel to wrap up my last few errands.

Whole30 Snack – Epic Bar

When I got home, Tony had a much-appreciated dinner all but ready.  When Taylor came downstairs for dinner she looked at it and said. “Ya know Mom the Whole30 book says you are only supposed to eat potatoes every once in a while, and it’s your second time in two days.”  I think I muttered I should have named you buzz kill under my breath but I’m too tired to remember. So, as for my dinner, I would complain but who would listen?

Whole 30 Dinner

After dinner, I panicked when I realized I was so tired I forgot to exercise and ran laps around my house for 16 minutes.  And I will leave you with some great news,  exercise reduces the Whole30 hangover symptoms!

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