Tips for Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s just days into January and articles and posts about New Year’s resolutions are popping up everywhere.

If you are like me, you have carefully crafted your goals and resolutions and filled them with the hope of all the great things you hope the New Year will bring.

According to recent statistics, the odds are not in our favor.  The Business Insider reports 80% of New Year’s resolutions will fail by February and Forbes tells us that just 8% of all people will achieve their New Year’s goals.  – Ouch.

Personally, after ambitiously planning my goals and preparing for the New Year, I felt my enthusiasm towards my New Year’s weight loss goals dwindle just a few days into the New Year.


I felt myself go down the tunnel to join 92% of people who will not accomplish their New Year’s resolution once again this year. Looking back I can clearly see, my goal crusher was the same the other 92% of the population was met with – LIFE.

If I could draw, I would post cartoon characters here showing Life vs. New Year’s Resolutions.  The New Years Resolutions would be bright, shiny, perfect, and pretty and life would be messy and crazy.  There would be two completely opposing forces. Do you see the visual?

In my case, there was nothing like a series of family crisis and a strong case of pneumonia to make my lofty exercise and fitness goals seem unattainable within the first few days of the New Year.

Life happens, luckily we are not alone and there is still time!  We can finish the New Year as one of the 8% who can successfully achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. Below are some tips to help you reach your goals:

Tips for Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

Revisit Your Why:  When you crafted your New Year’s resolutions you most likely had a big “why” in mind.  Simply put, “why” is it important to you to reach your goal?  When we dig deep enough into this, most of us have emotion that is tied to our “why”.  Allow yourself to feel those emotions and remember why your goal or resolution is important to you.


Accountability Partner:  Partner with someone who has similar goals to you and connect with them daily via phone, text, email, skype, messenger, etc.  Stephen Covey is quoted as saying, “Accountability breeds responsibility” and accountability partners are well known for increasing your chances of success.

Celebrate the Smallest Accomplishments:  This is so important especially for those of us who have “big resolutions”.  It may take time to see them come to fruition, but we can all celebrate small milestones along the way.  Be sure to take a moment to pat yourself on the back every now and then.

Recognize That If It’s Not Uncomfortable It’s Not Changing You: I’m sure you have heard the motivational quote, “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you”.  If you want to see big change in your life, you need to expect a little bit of discomfort.

Give Yourself Grace:  It’s easy to slip into old habits or not do something perfectly at first.  Be kind to yourself and allow for the …………Do not know what you want to put here but you could say: good things take time and habits take practice. Talk to yourself like you would a friend and remind yourself you are human and no one is perfect.

Wishing you the very best in reaching your New Year goals, especially your weight loss goals :).

New Year’s Cheers!


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