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My Whole30 Experience (Day18)

I awoke refreshed, full of energy, and hungry.  I quickly remembered it was Day 18 of the Whole30 and was looking forward to a day filled with Tiger’s Blood.

Drew woke up late and then announced that he won an award for good behavior and was allowed to take a toy to school for show and tell.  His first toy of choice was a water gun and his second pick was a bow and arrow.  This is just a glimpse into my life as the Drewster’s Mom.  It took some time to talk him into an appropriate toy option and by the time we left the house, I was starving!

I grabbed a Chomp’s Beef Jerky Stick and devoured it on the way to school.


When I got home, I had my usual Chicken Pot Pie Soup for breakfast and even sat at the kitchen table and ate it mindfully.  Well, I should be honest.  I was mindful but I did squeeze in a few google searches.  Why is this mindful eating such a struggle for me?  How do you do it?

Whole 30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup
Whole 30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup

When I finally sat down at my computer, I thought about keeping this blog simple today and posting my meals and calling in quits.  I decided that wasn’t fair because there is so much more to the Whole30 and any diet or lifestyle change than the food you put in your mouth.

It’s day 18 of my Whole30 and the big weigh-in is 12 days from now.  I am already scared, nervous, and bracing myself for disappointment.  I’ve already told you I’m a type A overachieving Superfreak and a world-class daydreamer.  What you don’t know is – I have a really hard time losing weight – and I mean very hard time. Throughout this sixteen year journey, I have been on more diets than I can remember and have been in at least a dozen different diet groups.  I’m always the one who loses the least weight. The really unfair part is, I’m always the one that follows the rules to a T and doesn’t cheat a bit.

Weight Loss Help

I probably haven’t told you about this because I try not to think about it.  I have been diagnosed with PCOS, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, treatment-resistant thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, an autoimmune disorder, and the MTHFR gene mutation.  Each and every one of the diagnosis makes it more difficult for me to lose weight.

In my 16-year weight loss journey. I have fought tooth and nail and have had a few victories. I’ve lost over 60 pounds and kept it off.  I changed my eating habits, increased my exercise, found better ways to handle my stress like yoga and meditation, and taken several supplements. It wasn’t easy but I’ve lost the PCOS, insulin resistance, and sleep apnea diagnosis.  My blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure are pretty much perfect, which is a real feat for a 46-year-old special needs mom who is overweight.

Take Control Of Your Health
Take Control Of Your Health

I know I have plenty to be thankful for and I am doing a good job in my circumstances, but it will still sting when everyone announces their weight loss total and mine is a fraction of theirs.  How can we keep ourselves from comparing ourselves with others? If you know, please share with me.

Comparing Yourself

For lunch, I had leftovers from yesterday’s dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen and it was fantastic! I Love Zoe’s Kitchen and it is one of my best Whole30 compliant finds. I found myself in a real conundrum because I was full once I ate what was on my plate, but had planned on eating a fresh fruit medley too.  I pondered it for a few minutes and decided not to eat the fruit because I wasn’t hungry.  Very proud of myself.  What do you do to stop yourself from eating once you are full?


Around 5:00 I was out running errands and needed a snack.  I love RX Bars because they are tasty and have 12 grams of protein.  Luckily I had one tucked away in my glove compartment.


I would love to post a picture of my dinner for you but I only have a partial picture because it was a hot mess.  I sat down with a plate of zoodles with Rao’s spaghetti sauce and rotisserie chicken around 7:00.  I took one bite of the chicken and it didn’t taste right, so I decided not to eat it.  Once you’ve had salmonella you just don’t take chances with chicken.  Before I took two bites of the zoodles, I received a text that Taylor needed to be picked up from her tennis match so I jetted out to get her and grabbed an Epic Turkey Almond Bar for the road.  Around 8:30, I finished my zoodles and a handful of black olives.  Not the perfect Whole30 dinner with a glossy photo but it was my real world Whole30 dinner.


It’s 9:15 and I’m sitting down to check my box for day 18 in my journal and record a huge Non- Scale Victory.  I did not get PMS this month! Amazing that food can do that for you – isn’t it?


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2 thoughts on “My Whole30 Experience (Day18)

  1. I am happy to hear we can eat a “pasta” sauce!! And I just bought 3 boxes of Epic Meat Bars at Target yesterday. Target also had the Cashew Butter I have been lusting for….
    The way I Stop when I am Full but I want more is to Tell Myself…. I will enjoy this like when I started eating this if I wrap this up and put it in the Fridge for later when I will enjoy it even more, without the guilt of over eating and I won’t throw it away, so I won’t feel guilty about that too, lol. A lot of “guilt” from earlier years to work with!!!


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