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My Whole30 Experience (Day 12)

I awoke to a big charlie horse and quickly googled and found out that they are common around this time in the Whole30.  From what I read it sounds like possible causes can be dehydration, magnesium deficiency, and a vitamin D shortage.  If I drink any more water, I’m going to grow fins, so I know that’s not it. I’m already taking a really good magnesium supplement and take Epson salt baths a few nights a week.  Snap, I ordered almost all of the recommended Whole30 supplements and didn’t order the D.  Why? I have no idea.  I have been severely deficient in vitamin D over the years, it probably should have been the first supplement I ordered.  Easy enough, I can place an Amazon order today.

Once the pain subsided and I could breathe and think again,  I remembered my teenage daughter, Taylor’s compliment from last night.  “Mom, your legs look a lot thinner than they did like a week ago”.  I need to write this one down in the NSV section of my Whole30 Day by Day book – stat.  Is there anything better than a compliment from a teenage child who isn’t asking you for money?

Non Scale V
Non-Scale Victories

It seemed as though the emotions fairy visited last night and did a complete emotional overhaul on me.  My mood is lighter and I am just happier. Taylor woke up crying because she fell asleep doing her homework last night and she was going to have to go to school without having it done.  My kids crying can throw me over the edge in minutes.  I coached her a bit, made her breakfast, and happily walked out of the room without a single tear in my eye.

I caught my Husband looking at me out of the corner of his eye because I’m pretty sure, he’s wondering who flipped the mood switch.  So far, I love Day 12.

I crack open The Whole30 Day By Day and Melissa is describing my feelings to a T. She says we will wake up happy, optimistic, and good – but it’s not Tiger’s Blood, yet.  If this isn’t Tiger’s Blood, what is?  I can’t wait to find out!

Whole30 tigerblood1 (1)

I had my new favorite breakfast Whole30 Pot Pie Soup for breakfast and met a group of girls out for lunch and pieced a meal together from the restaurant’s menu.  I ended up eating green beans, avocado, a salad, and turkey meat.  For dinner, I had shrimp, cucumber, and red pepper with an apple and pecan butter.

What was absolutely amazing about day 12, besides for the fact I didn’t cry once today, is I was significantly less hungry than I have been in the previous days!

Another check mark in my journal and on the calendar and another day closer to Tiger Blood!

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