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Monday Morning Weight Loss Tune-Up

“Sometimes you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead” – Yvonne Woon


I woke up and headed towards the bathroom and the almighty scale.  I quickly noticed in the mirror that my girls made it into the bathroom before my stomach.  Wow!  This is a great way to start the Monday Morning Weight Loss Tune-Up!


Half Way to my Weight Loss Goal


Hmm…what’s changed since last week’s The Holistic Emergency Tune-Up For Inflammation?

Something has changed about me and it’s interesting.  I’ve become more self-preserving.  It was lunchtime the other day and typically I feed my kids and then worry about myself.  I was very hungry, so I made myself lunch first and then I sat at the table and calmly ate every morsel like I was Melissa Gilbert from Eat, Pray, Love in Italy.  Wow!  Was that empowering?  I put myself first!  Oprah would be proud!

My trip to Ginztonix  Holistic Spa really helped recharge my body and get the toxins out.  “Everything” has been working much better!

I’ve rocked the weights and have lifted three times this week.  I think I’m starting to see some little muscles pop up.

August 3rd was the date I was striving to make it to sands liquor and I still haven’t had a drink as of August 12th!   Cheers!

Spa Water




I really have not done well at getting to the yoga mat….at all.  This stinks because yoga really helps me feel better and tone up.  The studio’s schedule just doesn’t sync with my kid’s schedules. It’s hard for my Superfreak self to do this but I decide to give myself grace on this one until the kids get back to school.


Downward Dog

Supplement Review

I’m currently taking Daily Fiber Caps, Fat Burner, Inner Balance, Cellulose, Vitamin D3-K2 Emulsion and Burton Nutrition’s Ultimate Cleanse

Two weeks ago, I bumped my fiber uptake up to two supplements twice a day and that didn’t work for me.  It actually constipated me, so I dropped back down to two supplements a day.

I take two Fat Burner a day and I know they are helping.  I ran out of them for a few days last week and was seriously ready to eat my arm off!

The Inner Balance significantly helps constipation that often comes hand in hand with a high protein diet.

I fell in love with cellulose over twenty years ago and have been taking it on and off ever since.  I feel it helps reduce cellulite and keeps water weight and inflammation down.  For some reason, I stopped taking Cellulose the recommended 3 times a day a few years ago and cut down to 2, so I bumped it back up to 3 times a day.

Vitamin D3 deserves a blog of its own!  I honestly can’t imagine life without it.  A fantastic naturopath I worked with years ago recommended D3 be paired with K for better absorption and it seems to make a tremendous difference.

I have a very tricky system and am unable to tolerate most cleanses.  I finally found one that works for me, Burton Nutrition Ultimate Cleanse.  It has senna leaf, cascara sagrada bark, psyllium husk powder, flaxseed powder, aloe vera gel, lactobacillus acidophilus, licorice root, and medium-chain triglycerides oil.  I started taking it this week and I give it credit for some of my success on the scale!

*The supplements can be found in Tanya’s Treasures.

I step on the scale to find, I’m down 3 pounds since last week!  Time for a little bathroom happy dance!

Before I can even put the music on and start dancing, the inner sales manager in me surfaces. Good week, nice work.  What are you going to do next week to be sure you get the same or better results?

Walk for longer periods of time – Several years ago I read Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cure’s They Don’t Want You to Know About and he talked about the importance of walking 1 hour a day and what it does to your bodies systems.  I found he was right and my body worked better when I walked for 1 hour a day, so I need to get back to it.

Continue to lift weights 3x a week.

Do my best to get to the yoga mat once this week.

Hang steady on the supplements because they seem to be working!

Continue on the high protein low carb diet, for now at least.


How about you?  What are you going to do this week to get you to a healthier place?

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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Weight Loss Tune-Up

  1. Congratulations! Losing weight is hard work. This week, I packed all my lunches for the week on Sunday (very healthy ones) and plan to walk before school. Walking at 6:15 is tough, but if I wait until after school, I’ll never do it.


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